barley-01Australian Barley

Australia produces a high quality 2-row spring type barley, with annual production averaging around 7.0 million tonnes/year. It is a widely grown crop (second in size only to wheat) and occupies a large geographic area – almost 4 million hectares – and it is dispersed from Western Australia to southern Queensland.

Australia has an enviable reputation for producing a reliable supply of high-quality, contaminant-free climate and barley that is sought after by the malting, brewing, distilling, shochu and feed industries.

Australia is comparatively export focussed with approximately 60% of the total barley crop exported annually. Breaking that down to malt and feed barley, around 1.5 million tonnes of malt barley, and around 2.5 million tonnes of feed are also exported each year.
To put that in a global perspective Australia makes up over 30% of the world's malting barley trade and approximately 20% of the world's feed barley trade. On a production basis (as opposed to actual inter-country trade), Australia makes up around 5% of the world's annual barley global production.

Australian Trading Pty Ltd
as an entity has been approved as a creditor of some Australian leading barley suppliers and as a local company has established strong connection with Australian main elevators which allow us to offer good quality Australian barley with competitive prices.