corn ARS1Australian Corn

Corn has been grown in Australia for more than 150 years. It is a relatively minor crop, both in area and production compared to other summer crops such as sorghum and cotton.  However, it is unique in that is has the widest geographical spread of all the field crops, and is grown from tropical North Queensland to Victoria and Tasmania.
As a crop it tends to be grown in better rainfed and irrigated environments.  Yield levels range from 2.5t/ha to 15+ t/ha.  The total area of production varies from season to season, but over the 5 seasons to 2004 averaged 72,000ha. Over the same period, total production averaged 380,000t.

The majority of the grain production is used domestically, but there are niche export markets from the key production areas. Domestic production of grain is used by a wide range of industries, varying from stockfeed to industrial uses such as breakfast cereals, snackfoods and for starch extraction.
A significant area of corn is also grown for whole plant silage, especially for the dairy farmers and feedlots, as well as growing markets for earlage and high-moisture grain

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